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This is a live view of Boston's Inner Harbor from the Sea Tow Boston HarborCam. The Canon VB-C60 camera is mounted high above Sea Tow Boston's Dispatch Center and is fully controllable.

Some user notes:

Just click on the target like button on the lower right to gain access and control of the camera. You get 90 seconds of control at a time. If there are multiple users you are placed into a queue to wait. The wait time is also displayed.

The camera image has three viewing sizes. The default image is 320 X 240 but you can easily change it to 640 X 480 or 160 X 120 by clicking the right drop down box at the top.

Click anywhere on the image and the camera will automatically move to center itself on that point. This is a great way to follow a boat in the harbor for instance. Use the ZOOM slider on the right to zoom in or out.

There is a drop down box with a series of presets of interesting Boston views that can be seen with the camera. Like: the USS Constitution, The Old North Church, The Boston skyline and the Bunker Hill Monument.

There is a panorama view of Boston Harbor at the bottom with a box in it. If you click, drag or expand the box the camera will move to that position and view.

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