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Sea Tow Boston's Fleet of Towboats

Sea Tow Boston currently utilizes four specially equipped Fast Response Rescue Towboats, ready to respond to any situation on the water.

Each vessel carries a complement of towing, rescue, salvage, and safety equipment which can be used by the Sea Tow Captains to assist you on the water. All of Sea Tow Boston's boats obviously meet the high standard set by Sea Tow International, but additionally, they are all independantly inspected and Accredited for Commercial Assistance and Professional Towing (ACAPT Certified) by C-PORT the national Assistance Towing Industry Association.

Click on any of the photos below to view detailed descriptions of our Fast Response Towing and Salvage vessels.

Sea Tow Rescue 1

Sea Tow Rescue 2

Sea Tow Rescue 3


Sea Tow Responder


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